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“When I first came to the facility, I had no concept what it would be like, now this place is like home. Everybody is loving and caring. This place is like no other place, food is good, great company, loving CNA’s, Nurses, and Staffs!”
– Patricia I., Resident Council President

“I really enjoyed being here. I improved physically and mentally while being here. Overall the facility was good..”
– Harold B., short term rehab patient

“The staff is very professional, they pay attention to detail and are very caring. The therapy department is excellent!”
– Edward W., outpatient rehab

“It’s a comforting thought to know that my mother is receiving the love and attention I would give her. This is important to me since I live out of state. The care has been better than expected.”
– Nick F., family member

“The therapy staff pays attention to the patients and are very professional. They treat each patient as an individual. The nursing staff also keeps a positive attitude.”
– Boniva D., long term resident

“I think the facility is great and wonderful!”
– Madeline H., short term rehab patient

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